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Picture of Kim Giles Hair Salon in La Jolla, Near UTC

Salon & Hair Stylist in La Jolla (Near UTC/UCSD)


Have questions? Contact me first for a free consultation!

Schedule a Color Salon Appointment


Touch Up      $95+
All Over      $115+
Color Correction $100 an hour

Schedule a Highlight or Balayage Salon Appointment


Mini Highlight      $95+
Partial Highlight  $145+
Full Highlight       $180+
Balayage             $180+
Toner                   $30+

Schedule a Bleach Hair Appointment


Touch Up   $120+
All Over   $150+
Toner         $30+

Schedule a Haircut Appointment


 Haircut                $80

Schedule a Blow Dry Appointment


Blow-Dry  $65+
+Hot tool    $15+
Treatments $35+


Schedule a Salon Treatment for Keratin, Conditioning or Scalp


Keratin Treatment  $200+
Conditioning Treatment $35+
Scalp Treatments    $35+

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Appointment only

Monday  10AM - 6PM
Tuesday  11AM - 8PM
Wednesday   CLOSED
Thursday 10AM - 7PM
Friday 10AM - 6PM
Saturday 10AM - 4PM
Sunday  CLOSED
Holiday Hours - Check online schedule

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Common Salon Questions

What is different from a salon balayage treatment versus a traditional highlight?
Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep.” In this hair color technique, highlights are hand-painted or “swept” on the surface of random sections of hair. Dye or lightener is usually painted on, starting midshaft and becoming denser as it moves down the section of hair to the ends. Highlights are often placed much closer to the scalp and applied in specific sections while the balayage process includes a graduated painting the color onto the hair in random sections. If you are looking to add non-uniform chunks or sweeps of color, balayage is a better option.

How long does hair color last, if I get it at the salon?
Ideally, permanent hair color would stay just as vibrant as it was the day you colored it, at least until the roots grow. On most heads of hair, that would mean a good 6-8 weeks between touch-ups. UV rays from the sun break down the chemical bonds that are present in dyes, which causes the dyes to fade. That's why if you have color-treated hair, and you spend a lot of time in the San Diego sun, your color will fade more quickly the more it's exposed to sunlight.

What does a salon-quality keratin treatment do for your hair?
Keratin is a natural type of protein in your skin, hair, and nails. My salon's keratin treatment adds additional keratin to your hair, which can help to reduce frizz, increase shine, and strengthen hair, (also important if you spend a lot of time at the beach or in the ocean/pool). If you have curly or wavy hair, keratin treatments can also make your hair straighter.

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