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Beach Hair, Don't Care: My Top 5 Tricks to Keep Hair Clean and Dry at San Diego's Beaches

Hey there, fellow beach lovers! If you're anything like me, you can't resist the allure of San Diego's stunning coastline - especially in La Jolla, near my salon.

But let's be real: keeping your hair looking fab while hanging out at the beach can be a bit of a hassle.

Here's my top five tried-and-true tips to keep your hair clean and dry, so you can rock that beach look (preferably made with my help!) with confidence.

  1. Get Creative with Hairstyles When it comes to beach hair, I swear by cute, protective hairstyles. Braids, buns, twists—you name it. They keep my hair tidy, away from my face, and most importantly, help prevent it from becoming a sandy, wet mess. If you're planning to take a dip, go for a tight French braid or a top knot bun. Trust me, they're lifesavers!

  2. Discover the Magic of Water-Resistant Hair Products I've found some awesome hair products that actually repel water and create a protective barrier around my hair. They're like my secret weapons for beach days. And here's a bonus tip: look for products with added sun protection. We all know how that San Diego sun can be a bit intense, so why not give your hair an extra layer of armor? Next time you're at the salon, let me know if you need a recommendation!

  3. Rock a Cool Head Covering I'm a big fan of wide-brimmed hats and trendy turbans for the beach. They're not just great for a killer TikTok or Instagram shot, they also protect your hair from the sun, wind, and—let's not forget—saltwater spray. Plus, they keep my hair clean and dry. Talk about a win-win!

  4. Rinse, Rinse, and Rinse Again If you're going for a swim, wet your hair with fresh water first. I learned this the hard way, but your hair can only soak up so much water. If it's already wet, it won't absorb as much saltwater. After swimming, give your hair a good rinse to wash off any salt and sand. A leave-in conditioner can work wonders for detangling and protecting your hair post-swim. Again, I can make a suggestion here during your next visit....

  5. Keep it Healthy from the Inside Out Here's something I swear by: healthy hair starts from within. Staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet can help maintain your hair's natural moisture. So don't forget to pack some healthy snacks and lots of water for your beach day!

So there you have it, my top tips for keeping your hair looking great while enjoying our gorgeous beaches - which make up for that beach traffic and parking! With a little bit of prep, you can avoid the hair hassles and focus on soaking up that beautiful sunshine.

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